Program Management

We made a fundamental decision when we began A & J Industries 19-years ago, that the best way to serve our customers is through technical advancement and expertise. That is why we are focused on the entire design and development process. This product development process contains many important elements for success like, product design, design for manufacturing, mold design and construction, FEA modeling of polymer flow within a mold for part optimization and attention to secondary operations and shipping requirements.

Our Management Team is actively engaged in all activities of program requirements. We are proficient in identifying issues and implementing solutions to ensure the success of the customer’s program. Our disciplines are in Plastics Engineering, Tool Design, Manufacturing, and Quality. Our team effort insures our customers that their projects will be produced on budget and in the desired time schedule that has been committed.

Our Disciplines


We offer portfolio of services like part design assistance for customers that require product development, CAD-CAM services to manufacture tooling directly from product design files. CAD files can also be used to build SLA (Stereolithography) and SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) models for sales and marketing efforts and testing. In addition, we offer Moldflow Services, to determine optimum gating, venting and filling characteristics to enhance the product quality and yields of your designs.


A & J Industries has a large variety of injection molding presses ranging  from 75 tons clamping capacity to 700 tons. Differences in clamp tonnage and shot capacity provide manufacturing flexibility to ensure our customers that we can handle their projects on time and in budget.

In addition to injection molding presses, we also provide thermoset compression molding services for customers with  process requirements in high performance phenolic, alkyd or polyester components. The list that follows is a brief description of in-house equipment, but for greater detail please e-mail sales or call Al Prindle or John Gaudet.


"Quality consists of those product features that meet the needs of customers and thereby provide product satisfaction"

"Quality consists of freedom from deficiencies"

~ J. M. Juran

At A & J Industries we follow Deming's 14 points of quality in an effort to be the best low cost provider of molded components.

  1. Our management team reviews all customer projects not as short-term projects, but we plan for long term improvements.
  2. Everyone at A & J Industries from management to our hourly workers are focused on quality.
  3. We track product variations and work at minimizing these process fluctuations.
  4. At A & J Industries we have reduced our resin supplier base in an effort to minimize variations from supplier to supplier.
  5. A & J Industries on all long term programs strives to continuously improve our processing  to reduce product variations.
  6. We continually train our people and monitor quality outputs to insure minimum defects.
  7. Management provides hands-on leadership throughout our facility.
  8. Our effort to reduce product variations, is performed as a team.
  9. At A & J Industries, there are no barriers between departments, we work as a team to increase production efficiency and reduce process variations on all customer parts.
  10. We understand that most quality issues stem from process variations, so we work with operators to train them to be vigilant, and to communicate with process engineers and technicians to catch problems quickly and address the reasons for the process variations.
  11. We do not manage by objective, we do not produce to quantity targets, instead we are focused on delivering quality goods.
  12. We have removed barriers to workmanship, allowing for our workers to take pride in the quality of their work.
  13. We are focused on educating our team and operators in the parameters of quality.
  14. The transformation is everyone's job.
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